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Meet Skipper and Zu Zu

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xmas97.jpg (53619 bytes)

Christmas 1997
Skipper & Zu Zu decked out in Santa hats and teddy bears

xmas98.jpg (26856 bytes)

Christmas 1998
Skipper & Zu Zu were dubbed "Scottie Angels" by their groomer

xmas99.jpg (71041 bytes)

Christmas 1999
Skipper & Zu Zu . . . the ultimate Y2K-9 party animals!

xmas00.jpg (40465 bytes)

Christmas 2000
A whimsical photo reflecting one of their many nicknames:
"The Book Ends"

Christmas 2001
A red, white & blue Christmas as the scotties pledge, "United We Sit" in honor of 09/11/01.

Christmas 2002
Skipper & Zu Zu donning red antlers and pulling a sleigh full of elves, bears, and presents.

Christmas 2003
Mom turned 50 and went to Cabo San Lucas . . . the babies celebrated the occasion in style!

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